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Welcome to Hamblin Fine Foods Inc.

Lance & Shirley Hamblin

Our passion is to produce, process and market wholesome, locally grown food from the Bulkley Valley of British Columbia. Springing off of our own small mixed farming operation where we raise cattle, pigs, fruit, vegetables and berries, we are working to develop different options for marketing our production as well as local foods produced by others..

Our cows have been the base of our farm for over 25 years. Our herd is a lot smaller now than it has been but we are constantly trying to put the best quality beef on the table you can find anywhere. Under our Boyd Creek Farm brand we finish a few grain fed and a few grass fed beef each year.

Steers bellying up to the grain bar

Grain fed steers are available for purchase in May and June of each year. Grass fed heifers are available in October and November. Something new for 2018 is that we will be doing the cutting and wrapping of our beef ourselves.

Pigs headed into new grass pasture.

In 2017 we added pasture raised pigs into the mix on our farm. We buy the pigs as weiners and butcher them in the fall. The pigs provide a valuable service as weed killers and cultivators of new ground. Portable electric fencing allows us to control where the pigs graze and combined with our permanent electric perimeter fencing provides protection from predators. Pork is available for purchase under our Boyd Creek Brand in September and October. In 2018 all our pork will be processed by ourselves including curing and smoking of hams and bacons.

In order to provide the high quality experience we want to our customers we have started our own processing company, hence Hamblin Fine Foods Inc. We have recently received our health operating permission for this facility and are now producing Moo Chews™️ beef snacks, sausages and other meat products. We will also have very limited custom processing capacity for custom cut, custom processing and custom curing and smoking.

Everybody knows Rhubarb Jam but how about Rhubarb Jelly? Our new flavour favourite!

In addition to our meat products we are developing a line of Jams & Jellies based on locally grown products such as rhubarb, apple, mint, wild & domestic berries. Current varieties include Rhubarb Jelly and Rhubarb Jam as well as a host of Apple based Jellies such as Apple Ginger Root, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Jalapeno and Apple Habanero.



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